SB label    CC label   APA label 

An aromatic golden ale showcasing the very popular Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand



An easy-drinking traditional bitter with plenty of malt flavours and moderate bitterness


Abundantly dry-hopped APA with plenty of America's favourite hops

    Incognito label   Wilbraham label 

A series of hoppy ales, 4.2-5.0% ABV.  Single batch brews - pale ales featuring various aromatic hops.



Dark amber best bitter, augmented by moderate dry-hopping to give a refreshing finish


Amber ale with rich malt flavours and good balancing bitterness. Subtle hop aroma with the characteristic earthy notes of Fuggles

SS label    MM label   Stout pump clip

A generously hopped pale ale with plenty of citrusy aroma



A dark mild with a pleasant balance of sweet malt and tempered bitterness


Full bodied stout with moderate bitterness, packed with roast barley and chocolate malt flavours