500mlOut of Stock 3.8% vol   500mlIn Stock4.4% vol   500mlLimited Stock4.6% vol
  CC label   SB label   APA label



    500mlLimited Stock4.1% vol   500mlOut of Stock4.6% vol   500mlOut of Stock3.5% vol
  W label   HP label   MM label



    500mlIn Stock3.8% vol   500mlOut of Stock4.0% vol   500mlOut of Stock4.3% vol
  SS label   IN label   ST label



    275mlIn Stock10.0% vol   275mlIn Stock9.9% vol   275mlIn Stock10.0% vol
  IS label   ChocImp label   ChilliImp label



    500mlIn Stock10.8% vol        
SB label   SB label   SB label    SB label